Britto: Dynamic Style between Pop and Street art, clothes that are arts to wear

Thanks to this iconic capsule collection for women, Freddy bring Britto art to life transforming his designs in clothes for creative and energetic women who love an active life style without renouncing to be fashion.

Pret-à-Porter art: Britto takes the bright colours of his land in this new trendy Freddy capsule collection . The artist has been able to transfer the warmth and energy of his creations in this collection for women. His world is bright, every colour is represented in its more intense shade and art is accessible to everyone, as the clothing inspired by his artworks. The Freddy collections items, in black and white, have been personalised by the colourful of energy of Britto pop creations, which recreate his classic themes as hearts and skulls along with Freddy logo. The result is a capsule collection that resonate with the liveliness, colours and happinnes of a warm summer evening in the Brazilian streets where the artist was born.