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Target: 8+

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is the new Japanese anime that brings to the screen a cast of unique characters along with a strong message of hope, friendship and teamwork. 

The plot is set in a universe where the majority of the world population has been transformed into a society of super-humans, who have special powers, “The Quirk”.
This has taken to a global fight between positive heroes against evil powers. 
In this contest, the young Izuku “Deku” Midoriya is one of few human without any special power and he wants to enter the U.A. High Academia, the best in the country, famous for teaching the most talented kids to become superheroes. 
Thanks to the meeting with All Might, his mentor and teacher and the biggest hero in the world, Deku will be given a Quirk called ONE FOR ALL and he will be accepted into the superpose school. Here he will make new friends but also new enemies and he will have to face many challenges to become the biggest hero ever.
115 episodes x 26’
6 completes seasons + 1 new season under production 
+ 20 millions manga sold across Europe in 2016.