The language used by the artist is transversal, and lends itself well to the decoration, enhancement and characterization of luxury products, but also popular and widely used.

The new collection of decorated doors reproduces the works of Britto: bright and bright colors, fun subjects and pop compositions that attract the eye.

The graphic signed by the artist is shown on the doors of hinged and sliding doors, on the boiserie, for a kaleidoscope of colors that furnishes an entire room on its own.

The collaboration with Britto comes from a dream, mine, born a few years ago ... "says Claudio Bertolotto, CEO Bertolotto S.p.A.

"In front of the works of Britto I caught the positivity and the optimism that comes through and I recognized in them the philosophy with which Bertolotto works: beautiful, unique, original products, and a lot of positivity, a great desire to do. action we have taken so many steps, but now it has become a reality: we are proud to support Britto Loves Bertolotto "