Dragon Ball Super at Aquafan

LEFTLOOP, specialist in kids entertainment and live events, in collaboration with Toei Animation and Starbright, is about to create the buzz in Italy through a DRAGON BALL SUPER DAY.
On August 11th  Son Goku and friends will run the show at AQUAFAN, the most famous and large aqua park in Italy, located in Riccione. Various activities for kids and families will be organised and will be led by Goku and Vegeta mascots, which will meet & greet the public several times.
The event will be announced through leaflets and posters displayed all around Aquafan and their social networks, before and during the event. The communication will also be relayed on Aquafan SNS and website. + 7.000 people are expected. 
This operation will strengthen the large visibility of Dragon Ball in Italy, as the series are currently airing on Italia 1, Italia 2, Cartoon Network, and Boing.